Make Our Rights Reality

Launched 9th December 2014: 

Cuts to youth services, advice services and legal aid have left young people in many parts of the country with nowhere to turn when they have problems or questions. Hundreds of young people have come together to create a manifesto calling for changes to improve young people's access to the information, advice and legal support they need in order to understand their rights and get the help they need to enforce them. 

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Sign our petition calling on the Government to work with us to review young people's access to information, advice and legal support.


How did we develop the manifesto?

Youth Access, the youth advice and counselling charity, consulted with hundreds of young people across the country through focus groups and a national survey to find out what issues concerning their rights mattered to them, what good advice meant to them, what concerns they had about cuts to local services, and how their access to rights-based advice could be improved. Local working groups of young people and a youth editorial board determined the final content and design of the manifesto.



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Wednesday, May 7, 2014